Athletes (My People)

To match the theme, I decided to do a slideshow comprised of pictures of professional athletes and myself I’ve met over the past few months. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to possibly play professional football and that is really heavy on my mind right now as the draft is this week. I’ve had the honor to meet several professional athletes, not just football players. It was truly an amazing experience every time I came across these guys. They are at a place in their lives where I am striving to be. So for this essay, these are my people.

The photos in this essay capture athletes categorized by their significance. The first two photos feature athletes who graduated or attended the University of Michigan. The next five photos are of guys who played or currently play a Michigan sport like myself. The next two photos are of people I consider legendary. The final photo represents the athlete who had a personality that was similar to mine.

Michael Phelps:


I took this picture when I was in New Orleans during the Super Bowl. I was hesitant to ask for a photo because I’d heard that he could be a jerk at times but once someone said that I was another Michigan man and was excited to take a picture with me. He even told me he was a fan. That made me feel great! As far as the picture itself, it’s like the background is all one color and we just pop out. I thought this lighting was nice.

Derek Jeter:

photo (5)

I took this picture when I was in New York for a day. He was awesome. It was funny talking to him about people from the University and he was like “yea I know them” or “is so and so still there”. He was cool.

Barry Sanders:


I took this picture at a signing I did at a sports store. He is truly a legend and he was cool to be around. I know we were talking about lines in class and the lines in the background all point to us to make us the center of the picture.

Deion Sanders:


This man was a clown. He was dressed as his new character “Leon Sandcastle”. This picture was just fun because this man is a legend but he’s just having so much fun after all these years.

Calvin Johnson:


Megatron. I ran into him at the Final Four in Atlanta and it was cool how he’s such a big name but he was still out having fun. He also told me he was a fan. I think that’s the greatest feeling every when someone of whom you’re a fan tells you they’re your fan.

Justin Verlander:


I took this picture after I threw the opening pitch at the Tiger’s game. The guy who was giving us a tour said he might not want to take pictures but he stopped to take a picture with us and talk with us. It was pretty cool.

Prince Fielder:


I also took this picture after the Tiger’s game. He took the time to take a picture with me and talk to me. He said he watched football and was a Michigan fan as well.

Ray Lewis:


I took this picture during the NFL Combine activities. It was cool meeting him. He had an amazing football career and I was able to meet him now that he’s retired. I’ve always been a Ray Lewis fan. He’s so cool.

Jim Brown:


This man is truly a legend and he’s done so much other than football. He was in good shape and still moving around. I want to be able to stay healthy and do other things once I’m retired from the NFL if I make it.

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson:


I added an Instagram filter on this photo but other than that, there are no other effects. He was so coo and down to earth. I felt like I was talking to myself.


Weekly Summary


  • I was absent this week but I was told that I was assigned to the Minimalist Poster group for the class project.
  • I was able to do the Daily Shoot assignment and it was very cool. I found myself looking at things with a photographic eye.