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This story was very…different. The beginning drew me in because it was humorous. I can remember being young and how adults promoted “self-love” but then some said it was an¬†abomination. But regardless, the story took some turns that I definitely did not expect. There were some high points and some low points. I’m just wondering what the lesson is here. How does this relate to Design or Photography? I guess we’ll find out today in class. ¬†

Weekly Summary

  • Albums Without Sound Post

Flow Rate “It Goes On Forever”

  • Design Creates

Mona Cat
Sprint T&T
Autumn Splash

  • Minimalism Reading and Blog Assignment

Ghost Dad movie book cover


I Can Read Movies (Minimalism)

I Can Read Movies (Minimalism)

This book cover represents the surface meaning of the movie but not exactly how the movie functioned.

I found this book cover interesting because it actually makes the movie seem more animated, or interesting.

I don’t believe any of William’s principles to be at play here.


Mona Cat (Design Create)

Mona Cat (Design Create)

This assignment was both random and hilarious.

I first added the painting to photoshop.
Then I searched through the Creative Commons for a specific type of cat that would fit in this picture.
I hid the painting while I used the lasso tool to outline and erase the cat’s background.

I wish I could have placed her arms around the cat to make it look like she was holding it.