Re: “How Radio Producers Can Make the Most of Social Media”


CC Flickr linkedmediagrp

In today’s media age, social media plays a very important role. Sadly, it can be used to make or break one’s character.

In the article, Will Coley breaks down positive ways in which social media can be used in radio. It is amazing how technology has evolved. Radio audiences have more options when listening to radio, they can actually interact. I can remember getting excited when a few radio shows set up web shows where you could actually watch them broadcast. I thought that was the greatest thing ever.

Coley lists 10 steps:

  • Tell your own story/ make yourself easy to find
  • wrangle your email box
  • listen
  • share strategically
  • make your content more shareable
  • make your stories easy to find
  • find your social media style
  • measure and evaluate
  • unplug

I found each of these steps useful but the one that stuck out to me the most was the final one. It is easy to get consumed with social media, it is easy to become addicted. I came into college barely knowing what Facebook was and now I can’t put my phone down sometimes because I’m so consumed with what’s going on in the world of social media.

I think I’m going to try taking a “Digital Sabbath”. I need it.


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