Re: Valentine’s Day Radio Broadcast


CC Flickr radiopassion

At first, I thought that this was going to be a boring show, just judging for the tone of the host Ira Glass. If he’d talked the entire time I thought I would pass out.

But when the show went into the first act, I realized that there would be characters in each different act. The first story was interesting but I could relate more to the story in the second act.

I’m from Florida and I remember hearing about this but I didn’t know that the officers weren’t obvious. I figured it would be easy to tell if they were officers. Hearing this story, I felt bad for Justin. At first I felt bad because he was falling in love with someone who didn’t feel the same way but then it got worse because she set him up.

If he’s telling the truth, I think his case should have been an exception. He had dreams that were crushed because of an undercover investigation of someone else. I don’t feel like he should have been an example. It seemed like the woman posing as the student had no feelings towards the situation. How we she have felt if that happened to her son?

Article Here

The third act, I couldn’t even tell you what that was about. I tried to listen but it was so hard. I know the story was about ducks but it didn’t keep me interested.

  • the narrator’s tone was boring
  • the music was too soothing
  • there weren’t other characters

Overall, this was a good broadcast. I’m glad that the duck story didn’t close it out, it would have taken away from the show.


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