Weekly Summary


  • Response to “Reality Hunger: A Manifesto”

I did this assignment before Wednesday but it was stored as a draft for some reason. The article was a little difficult to understand but after our class discussion, the author’s intention was clearer.

  • Wednesday’s Daily Create

I retitled the original movie poster for the movie Flight. I’m a huge Denzel fan and when I went to see this movie in theaters he disappointed me. It wasn’t one of his better performances and I hated the way the movie ended. I retitled it to be Under the Influence because that’s all he was throughout the entire movie.

  • Thursday’s Daily Create

I hummed “I Love You” from the show Barney & Friends. I used to love that show and that was the first tune that came to mind for some reason.

  • Video Create 6

I grew up in an area that was heavily populated by Haitian people. Many times people around me would have problems with them and there was sort of a divide but I was happy to be able to be friendly and not have problems.

  • Response to “How to Read a Movie”

I did my first reading of a movie and I was proud. I’ll probably be annoying and analyze more movies.


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