“How To Read A Movie” Response


CC Flickr bour3

Before reading this article I never thought that movie scenes were so complex. I figured that the only thing a viewer should focus on to read the message was the dialogue and the actions of the characters; camera angles and positioning never even crossed my mind. 

After reading this article I watched the movie Knight and Day and I took note of Roger Ebert’s method.

In the movie:

  • To signify the character being in a daze, the frame was at a constant tilt (a slow seesaw motion) and the camera was out of focus
  • To show dominance, Tom Cruise was always closer to the screen and often on the right side to show that he was positive or a good guy
  • There were also a lot of shots that made Cruise seem powerful, as if the audience were looking up at him.

Ebert was right, once you try, anyone can read a movie. 


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