Training King

My favorite actor is Denzel Washington. I pretty much love every movie he’s made. He’s always so serious in the roles that he plays. So I decided to use a scene from a playful movie. I chose The Lion King because that is one of my favorite and most memorable childhood movies. Immediately I thought of the scene in Training Day when Denzel was saying he was the King so of course I had to use that clip.


  • I downloaded the audio from the Training Day



  • I downloaded the video from The Lion King
  • I used iMovie to add the music to The Lion King video clip



It was hard to time the clip right. Although it’s a little off, it’s not as bad as it was when I tried other cartoons. The Lion King fit the best because I was set on using the audio from Training Day.

The Video Downloader from FireFox is what I used to get the content for those who wanted to know.


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