Weekly Summary


CC Flickr Joe Lanman

  • Friday’s Daily Create
  1. I’ve never appreciated seeing the sky so much until I moved here to Michigan. When I lived in Florida looking at the sun and watching the palm trees wave in the breeze was so amazing. Now, the gray skies don’t really catch my attention. They seem invisible. 
  • Saturday’s Daily Create
  1. Using this effect was fun. I remember when I was younger, I would put my hand in the light to see if I could see through it. It reminded me of this. 
  • “Branding in the Digital Age”
  1. The topic of this article suggests that companies must keep up with the advancing technologies to stay relevant because consumers are becoming more independent with the ways in which they can communicate with others via the Internet. 
  • “What’s Your Personal Social Media Strategy”
  1. This revisits the idea that everything on the Internet is stored and that it’s up to the user to make sure they are portrayed in the way that they want because in today’s society, judgment can be made from a single tweet. 
  • Visited Michigan Radio Website
  1. It was nice to visit a site that I wouldn’t normally visit 
  • Registered Blog
  1. I’m sure that now I’ll be able to find other students’ posts more easily now. 

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