Wesch Video

After watching this video and being introduced to Michael Wesch’s research and experience, it really made me sit and think back on my life. Am I characterized but what people want me to be? Or am I really myself? But how do I know what being myself really means if I’m so influenced by the media and what it says is right or wrong? Am I purposely trying to be different? This video was much more than a description of Web 2.0 but rather how the media dictates our lives. He was right “the media isn’t just a tool” or just “means of communication”, they actually change our lives. I would love to go somewhere and not feel the need to use media, at all. I wonder how long I could survive? Asking myself that last question, the way I worded it was if I NEED media, like water or oxygen. Man. 



  1. The good thing about Web 2.0 affordances, and the great thing about 21st century storytelling, is you get to decide what it means to be “really yourself.” Part of it is documenting your experiences–photographing your life, vlogging, all of it–but part of it is also noticing the kinds of things you like to say or watch or photograph and then figure out what that says about you, so you get to understand yourself a bit more. Why take the “go blue” photo in black and white? What was it about the grayscale version that seemed cooler?

    I’ll be cool finding out this semester.

  2. Thinking about how social media and the internet affect your sense of self, did you reflect at all on the influence of your experience in the limelight as a football player? I have no idea what it’s like to be in the media so much, but it seems like that might be an interesting factor in your questioning about how public portrayal and other’s perceptions about you would influence your own sense of self.

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