Rip!: A Remix Manifesto (Taking Risks)

Photo Credit: CC Aces Finds Vintage

Photo Credit: CC Aces Finds Vintage

In the documentary, Gaylor highlighted the works of artist and DJ GirlTalk. GirlTalk specializes in what are called mash-ups. He takes a bunch of songs and creatively place them into one track and it just sounds awesome. Although not all artists go to that extent, they do use sampling which is very identifiable in today’s hip-hop and r&b.

Here are a couple of songs that wouldn’t exist if artists didn’t risk violating copyright laws:

1. Kanye West & Jay Z- “Otis” sampled Otis Redding- “Try A Little Tenderness”

2. Wale – “The Breakup Song” sampled Stevie Wonder- “All I Do”

Sampling can even be seen in movies. Different shot techniques that are used can be tracked down to one single origin.

If anyone is interested, the series “Everything Is A Remix” does a great job breaking down how other industries sample and remix. I was surprised to know that even computer companies “borrow” from each other.


One comment

  1. Sampling is everywhere, I agree, but those artists all (probably) paid to sample those songs. The question I think that RIP! and Lessig are asking is if everyone, including amateur songmakers (meaning they’re not making this stuff for a profit), should have to pay to sample

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